Housing and Supportive Services Advocacy

Can anyone tell me what is happening to the homeless during the stay in place or stay at home orders made by governors where there are large populations of homeless?

Hi Trevor,
I wish we had better answers for this as a society, but here is the information I found from the CDC:

Thanks very much for sharing this information. I hope they do a better job and update the information because so much has changed since February.

There’s a ton of community resources (hotels, free food, free money, etc), for people who are homeless and for renters who are at risk for eviction, here in Southern California.

Having come out of homelessness in July, after 17 months, I can tell you that the resources that are claimed to be in place fir the homeless population during these times is a facade. At least for single women, with no minor children, no drug/alcohol addiction, and is not being domestically being abused that is what I found to be the case. In both Florida and Texas I ran into many of roadblocks and fell between the cracks. I thank God for protection and a few (and I do mean few) friends along the way. I struggle everyday in fear of being back in that situation as I wait for disability appeal after appeal. It’s tough for the homeless population as it is, but in my experiences during this pandemic, they are the forgotten and left behind.